A journey back to the purest melody,
via Friedrich Silcher and Japan

Klaus Wuckelt started playing the mandolin at a very young age. He has been a master student of Takashi Ochi, concertmaster and soloist in the Württembergisches Zupforchester (Württemberg Plucked String Orchestra), and has travelled throughout Japan, the USA and various European countries on concert tours.

A selection of venues performed

    • New York: Carnegie Hall, 2007
    • Vienna: Goldener Saal hall in the Musikverein building, 2007
    • Nara: Concert in Tōdai-ji temple to honour Buddha, 2003 and 2008

Radio and television

    • Numerous radio recordings for the German broadcasters SWR & BR
    • In 1993, the broadcaster Bayerisches Fernsehen filmed a 45-minute portrait of Klaus Wuckelt entitled Mandolinenspieler im Schwabenland (A mandolin player in Swabia)


    • „Ich und Ich. Gesichter“ Horst Alexy, 2018
  • A piece of cultural history: Since 2009, photographer Horst Alexy has been portraying important cultural creators from the Göppingen region. Klaus Wuckelt was one of the first artists participating at the beginning of the project. Two portraits were created: One, just like everyone else sees the person portrayed, and one, how that individual sees itself in the mirror. Two images of one and the same person, looked at from two fundamentally different perspectives.To be seen in an exhibition at Schloss Filseck 2018 and published in an illustrated book (160 pages):
  • Horst Alexy. Ich und Ich. Gesichter
  • ISBN/GTIN978-3-947317-04-2
  • Editors: Kai Bleifuß, Werner Meyer, Tina Stroheker
  • Publisher: Kunsthalle Stadt Göppingen