Playing in various ensembles

For many years now, the work of Klaus Wuckelt has been shaped by playing together with other musicians in various ensembles, such as the following line-ups:

Klaus Wuckelt and Christoph Michael Pesch

A collaboration with Christoph Michael Pesch – master plucked instrument maker – first resulted in the creation of the moor oak mandolin and the king’s lyre for Klaus Wuckelt. Yet this encounter brought forth much more than just these instruments: a very special friendship and musical connection was also born.

Klaus Wuckelt, lyre and Eva Maria Bredl, harp

Classical and romantic compositions, performances as a duo for more than 25 years already.

Württembergisches Zupforchester

The Württembergisches Zupforchester (Württemberg Plucked String Orchestra) was founded in 1973 by the Regional Office of Württemberg to be the state orchestra of the Bund Deutscher Zupfmusiker (German Organisation of Plucked Instruments). Klaus Wuckelt has been involved as concertmaster and soloist in the orchestra since its foundation.

Klaus Wuckelt Trio

Klaus Wuckelt (mandolin), Didi Gaugele (guitar), Menner May (double bass): The trio are known for their classic, folksy melodies, which they have performed effortlessly for over 40 years.